Introduction to 3D Animation: A selection of students work

One of the main projects of this class is to create a mechanical creature. Students start with gathering inspiring images and then coming up with their own design of a mechanical creature. They need to apply the 3D modeling techniques and UV mapping methods they learn to make a 3D model of their creatures in a neutral pose. After the mesh is finalized, they will learn the basics of creating a hierarchy for the body parts of their creatures to be able to pose them. They also learn about cinematic language and rules of composition to create compelling rendered images. Students get introduced to shaders and materials and use Renderman(Fall 2018) and Arnold(Spring 2019) to render their posed creatures. They also learn color theory and 3-point lighting. A light rig with a basic setting for three-point lighting is provided for them and knowing the role of each light in this setting they will adjust the lights to light up their scenes and render images.

Fall 2018

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Spring 2019

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