When working with Maya, it is best to create Maya Projects. What is a Maya Project? Why is it necessary to present my Maya files as a Maya Project when I want to transfer my files to another computer? Let’s find out!

1-Introduction To Maya Projects

2-Creating and Setting Up Maya Projects

3-Maintaining Maya Project Workflows

4-Archiving: Best Solution for Setting Up a Maya Project for Already Existing Scenes

5-Visual Process of Moving Maya Scenes to Another Computer

A selection of tutorials for Introduction to 3D Animation course I teach at the University of Alabama in Huntsville

Adjusting Pivot Points and Transformations

Duplicate Special. Mirroring Objects

Duplicate Special. Mirroring Half of Objects

Problem Solving Duplicate Special for Mirroring

Scene Management

Create a Hierarchy for a Basic Humanoid

Setting Pivot Points for Groups

Preparation for Posing Characters

Setting Up a Render Camera