M.F.A. in Creative Technologies

Virginia Tech | Blacksburg, VA

August 2015-December 2017

M.F.A. in Animation

University of Art |Tehran, Iran 

September 2006-February 2010

B.S. in Physics

University of Isfahan | Isfahan, Iran 

September 2002-June2006


University of Wisconsin Stout | Menomonie, WI

Assistant Professor

DES 176 - Introduction to Digital Narrative
DES 296 - Fundamentals of Animation

August 2019- Present

University of Alabama in Huntsville | Huntsville, AL

Full-time Lecturer

ARS 220 - Animation: Introduction
ARS 395 - Visual Story Development
ARS 494 - Professional Practices | Portfolio Development
ARS 425 - Animation: Short Film
ARS 329 - Animation: 2D Animation

August 2018- May 2019

Virginia Tech | Blacksburg, VA

Teaching Assistant

ART 3704 - TS: Character Animation-Professor Thomas Tucker

  • Collaborated on lab supervision and mentored students.
  • Volunteered to teach Walk Cycles, one of the most challenging topics of 3D animation.
  • Provided constructive feedback to students and taught them best practices for animating.

Spring 2017

Asra Technical High School | Tehran, Iran

Teacher— “Art History of Iran and the World”

  • Developed course structure, and graded all exams for a class of 10.

Fall 2010

Harekat-e-Kelidi | Tehran, Iran

Instructor— “TVPaint”

  • Developed course material to teach TVPaint to 7 employees of a 2D Animation company.

Summer 2010

Asra Technical High School | Tehran, Iran

Teacher— “Drawing Studio”

  • Developed course structure, and evaluated all projects for a class of 10.

Spring 2010

Asra Technical High School | Tehran, Iran

Teacher— “Human, Space, Design”

  • Developed course structure, and graded all exams for a class of 10.

Fall 2008


Advanced Research Computing at Virginia Tech | Blacksburg, Virginia

3D Generalist

Selected as an Intern to be the first-ever and only art-major member of Visualization group, a team of computer science students and faculties. Offered to continue as a Graduate Assistant, and later as an Emergency Hire, all as a result of exceptional work and strong work ethics.

  • Providing insights about all phases of animation production and underlying structure of rendering process in Maya to developers who write a script for running Renderman batch-render jobs on HPC systems. 
  • Breaking down problems that developers encounter into simple steps and creating Maya scenes to target and test each aspect of the problems.
  • Documenting the process of preparing Maya scenes to be rendered on HPC systems for art students. Suggested to develop a course based documentation in the form of tutorials for publishing on the web to provide a more engaging learning experience for students.
  • Enhancing the online presence of Visualization group through the design of compelling video materials using Photoshop and After Effects. Starting and maintaining a Sketchfab account to enhance the experience of audiences navigating through complex 3D scenes.
  • Played a key role in rendering the first Maya scene on Virginia Tech’s HPC systems.
  • Starting as an intern with no prior training in X3D, taught myself to create and maintain X3D assets within a tight one-month preparation schedule to present 3D materials for a Forest Farming Conference held in Virginia Tech. 
  • Created 3D photo-spheres showing forest farming sites and appropriated them to be presented on various platforms. Collaborated with a computer-science student to present 3D photo-spheres in the Forest Farming Conference using Web VR, creating an exciting immersive experience for the participants.

May 2017-July 2018

Smithsonian 3D Digitization Department | Washington, DC


  • Optimized 3D scanned assets through 3D modeling and retoplogizing for publishing on the web and 3D printing.
  • Collaborated in the 50th anniversary of Apollo launch project through creating an optimized version of the complex 3D model of Apollo Command Module that can be animated.
  • Created an animated gif showing a turntable and the inside details of the command module that was shared over multiple online sources that covered the news of the 50th anniversary of Apollo launch.

May 2016-August 2016

Virginia Tech | Blacksburg, Virginia

Graduate Assistant

  • Assisted with holding a TedX at Virginia Tech.
  • Designed and optimized 3D assets for 3D printing to assist a doctoral research in Human-Computer Interaction conducted by Panagiotis Apostolellis.

September 2015-December 2017

Green Pencil | Tehran, Iran

Project Manager, Instructor

Developed a new workflow for 2D animation production in TVPaint, created tutorials to demonstrate the step-by-step procedure of the transition from traditional to digital animation workflow.

  • Proposed the project plan to the CEO to make the transition from hand-drawn animation to digital animation over the course of two months. 
  • Addressed the concerns and needs of animators and supported them through making tutorials and troubleshooting sessions.
  • The smooth and gradual transition from hand-drawn to digital workflow lead to a significantly higher production speed  and quality.

January 2014-July 2014

Film Frame Studio | Tehran, Iran

2D ANIMATOR | Anime Studio

  • Worked as an Anime Studio animator for producing “Tete-Pete”, an animated TV series.


Green Pencil | Tehran, Iran

2D ANIMATOR, Layout and Background Designer | Traditional

  • Designed layout and background, and animated for "Persian Cheetah", an animated TV series.


IRIB4 | Tehran, Iran

Concept Artist, Character Designer | TVPaint

  • Developed concept and characters and collaborated in making “Mr. AAn”, a short motion graphics.


SABA | Tehran, Iran

Storyboard Artist

  • Designed storyboard for “Wise Pencil” and “Bahman and Bakhtak”, animated TV series.


Green Pencil | Tehran, Iran

Storyboard Artist, Layout and background Designer

  • Worked on “Our Tale Came as a Maxim”, an animated television series.



Outstanding Graduate Student: MFA in Creative Technologies

Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA | 2008

One-minute Short Film Award

"Come with Me", Nahal Students Festival | 2008

Exceptional Talent Award

University of Art, Tehran, Iran | 2008


Collaborative exhibition, Illustration, Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran | 2005


"Mother and Language"

Illustrator, Mehrsa Publication Institute | 2014

"Mother and Child's Gender"

Illustrator, Mehrsa Publication Institute | 2013



  • Traditional and Digital Animation
  • Storyboard
  • Drawing
  • Traditional and Digital Illustration
  • Video Editing


  • Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • Maya
  • ZBrush
  • Anime Studio
  • TVPaint
  • Krita


  • Animating
  • 3D Modeling
  • Rigging
  • Shading, Texturing
  • Lighting, Rendering | Renderman


  • Mac, PC, and Linux OS
  • Processing
  • X3D
  • HTML