I am an artist passionate about animation and creative design processes that involve coding. I had worked as an animator, illustrator, and storyboard designer back in my home country, Iran, before I came to the United States in 2014. I am now an Assistant Professor in University of Wisconsin Stout


Telling stories is what I am passionate about as an artist. Sometimes these stories are told in conventional barriers such as storyboards and animations. Some other times, stories find their way into my drawings, illustrations, or still renders of a 3D model. My work area is quite broad; it encompasses 3D Modeling, 3D and 2D Animation, Storyboards, Illustrations, and Creative Coding with p5.js. There is a constant battle between at least two forces in my head when it comes to creating art; the battle of traditional vs. digital or 2D vs. 3D. In these combats, I don’t take sides. Instead, I join forces with each side until I feel it’s time to turn my focus to the other side. Currently, I am more focused on 2D animation and p5.js. The thread connecting these areas is a passion for storytelling, whether through a still image or a time-based medium such as animation. I enjoy working with traditional materials, but I also seek opportunities where art-making meets the challenges of using technology.

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